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What you'll Gain from a Body-Mind Session

What you'll Gain from a Session

At the core of my practice  is the strongly held belief that suffering is a universal experience which, when approached mindfully and with compassion can provide us with the opportunity for growth and healing. I strive to help people see this opportunity for growth whether created by past difficulties, or by their current circumstances. By working together in a collaborative and gentle way, we transform negative experiences of the past into positive transformation, inner peace, and the courage they need to resolve issues and create the life they want.

My role as counselor and coach is to be a catalyst for change, a guide and a partner to help clients close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Establishing trust and rapport are essential to the process, and to the client's success as it creates a sense of safety and a resonance between us which allows for discoveries and breakthroughs to happen.

Sessions are an opportunity to shed what no longer serves us while being fully supported through the process. This can start with identifying and defining what clients' goals mean to them. Simply defining a goal or a word like "success" for example, can reap surprising insights as one's version of what they want, or how they want to feel becomes clearer. We explore long held beliefs about themselves and replace them with updated ones that are based on who they really are, not on outdated conclusions and expectations of them made by others long ago. Energy medicine can enhance the process by clearing away what no longer serves us and helping to refresh and re-balance the entire system.  

What to Expect

What to Expect 

Rather than focusing on the story alone, the verbal, physical, spoken and unspoken dimensions of the self all play an important role in the therapeutic process. This allows us to tap into a greater range of experience of ourselves. As we expand our range of experience we gain new insights that were previously outside of our conscious awareness.

​My goal is to treat the whole person, not just the part telling the stories. In sessions, clients are invited to notice what's happening in their bodies as issues arise. The use of energy medicine helps clients to release pent up, stuck energy that has served to block their best efforts in the past. The results are a feeling of lightness, freedom, and expansiveness. Suddenly, the problem isn't a problem anymore! As our perspective and our relationship to the problem shifts, we are able to see it through a new and different lens where possibilities inevitably emerge. 


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Clients can choose to come in once for a spiritual reading, or incorporate different approaches for long term therapy. Regardless of the approach we go beyond talk therapy and focus on permanent change  and on healing the entire person - body, mind and spirit. 

Integrative Approaches

Integrative Approaches

Integrative Somatic Counseling goes deeper than traditional talk therapy by tapping into the wisdom of the body in all it’s expression. We’ll work with the five senses and sensations in the body to access the feelings underneath the story, enabling us to address emotional pain and past trauma at the source in a slow, gentle and incremental way. It's a journey of self discovery and healing as we shed the past and finally become who we were meant to be.

Soul Centered Life Coaching is more action oriented, designed to move you towards your goals and aspirations be they practical, emotional, social, or spiritual. It invites clients to tap into their intuition and inner knowing about who they really are, while gaining new coping skills and taking action on what you want more of in their lives.

Clients can choose one approach or use both intermittently, depending on what suites ones needs for each session. Combining these methods offers the best of both worlds -  healing the past, while gaining clarity and taking action steps towards the future.

Matrix Energetics, also known as Energy Medicine or Energy Therapy, is increasingly being referred to as the medicine of the 21st century. Similar to Reiki, Matrix Energetics is a subtle and profound approach that has the power to create shifts in our energy fields and our bodies. These shifts can change our emotional and physical states by creating more space, clearing negative energy, balancing chakras, and areas of the body that need healing. This can substantially change our relationship to ourselves and our attitude towards the issues being addressed, whether physical or emotional, while soothing our nervous system and leaving us feeling freer, happier and more balanced. Can be done on it's own or you can add it to any session

Akashic Record Soul Reading for People and Pets  Akashic Soul Readings are similar to psychic readings, but more general and not predictive. Reading ones Akashic Records gives us a bird’s eye view of our lives and can shed light on what is blocking us and keeping us stuck. Readings create shifts in our relationship to issues, allowing us to see them from different angles. Often referred to as the Book of Life, the Akashic Records are fifth dimensional energetic database much like a search engine, containing vibrational information of the entire history of one’s soul throughout all time and can include past lives. This celestial view of ourselves can reap simple yet profound information about who we really are and how we can live a more authentic life. Readings for our beloved pets are no different than readings for humans and can address a wide range of behavioral and health issues, or simply help you get to know your pet in a more intimate, bigger picture kind of way. To enhance the experience and assist in moving stagnant energy, Matrix Energetics is incorporated into each reading. Clients report feeling more relaxed, inspired and at peace following a session, and excited and ready to apply what they learned to their everyday lives.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows us to travel back in time to the source of long term, self-limiting, negative patterns that are at the root of our emotional and physical distress. Feelings can be expressed and long held beliefs that no longer serve us can be released, allowing us to form more positive and updated conclusions about ourselves. The opportunity to heal our inner child is a powerful part of the hypnotherapy session as well. This can lead to profound shifts in our emotional and physical health, and our lives.

Somato Emotional Release Bodywork is an advanced form of Cranio Sacral therapy and is a therapeutic process that helps rid the mind and body of residual effects of past trauma associated with negative experiences. Performed fully clothed on a massage table, this approach works by helping to release "energy cysts" that may feel like stress, tension or trauma related imbalances, from the body.

Virtual Touch - hands on or virtual, touch can be beneficial in helping us to feel safe and cared for while eliciting gentle yet powerful shifts in our nervous systems. It has a soothing, calming effect, helps us to breathe more easily, and feel more expansive in our bodies and spirit, and can reduce or eliminate stress and pain.

These can be done alone, or added to any session. Whether addressing imbalances that contribute to emotional pain, physical discomfort or both, incorporating bodywork into a counseling or coaching session allows us to access and heal all of you.


Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling with Energy Medicine - working with Spirit or using Oracle cards, along with Matrix Energetic, we address issues at the energetic level in ones' auric field, following the energy as it leads us to new insights and to simple yet profound resolutions. Clients gain new perspectives and release what’s been holding them back simply by observing and engaging with the information in their energy fields. Clients consistently report feeling lighter, freer, happier and more like themselves following an energy session, as the problem they came in with suddenly feels smaller,  less intense and more manageable. 

Group Programs



"Leslie is more than a therapist; she's a healer, pure and simple. She will help you dig down to what is really hurting you and will keep working with you until you find ways to live and feel better. She has helped me and several members of my family get through stuck places in our bodies and psyches. I can't recommend her highly enough. "

L.S. South Hadley, MA

“I feel so much lighter and ready to take on the day!”

JP Watertown, MA

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for our session on was very have a special gift for putting people at ease...your enthusiasm, kindness and ability to convey your heartfelt messages shines through.

The techniques you shared...were very helpful. You have the total package which makes it clear that you love your work.  

Anonymous, Western MA

Having done counseling and motivational work with people throughout my career, I see what a special gift you have!! are a lovely person and a true healer.  I saw this with my own eyes! Thanks again!"

Anonymous, Western MA

"Working with Leslie has been extremely helpful.  She has shown me how to be more in my body, and focus on how I feel rather than what I think.  She has many different modalities and tools that are very effective at helping me move through old stuck patterns."

M.R. Easthampton, MA

"I had my first hypnosis session with Leslie. I wanted to clear some self limiting beliefs without clear origins, and was curious about hypnotherapy. Leslie had a nice structure to the session, let me record the beginning and end of the session so I would have something to go back to later. She also took notes for me while she took me back to earlier moments in time that I hadn’t even really thought about for a long time, but matched the feeling around some of my current concerns. I definitely got insight and immediate relief, as well as a tools to use for the future. I’m looking forward to working through additional emotions, and clearing any blockages that stand in the way of my success. Thanks, Leslie! I see a lot of patients with dental anxieties and am excited to have another resource for the ones who wish to reduce/release their anxieties and move forward in their dental wellness."

SK, Florence, MA

"Leslie is a skilled hypnotherapist. After many years of trying many modalities, I was incredibly impressed with the structure of the session and how much was addressed and accomplished so quickly. I left feeling empowered and returned to my self in the most beautiful way. Her guidance was excellent and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an effective pathway towards deeper healing and integration of the mind, body and heart. I am so thankful I met Leslie and worked with her!"

LN, Northampton, MA


“Leslie is doing what she loves. Helping people become more than they would have ever realized possible themselves”

JR Northampton, MA

“This (Akashic Record reading) has gotten to the essence of my issues a lot more quickly than years of therapy.”

RS Hatfield, MA

“I was looking for guidance direction and Leslie amazed me with her ability to get to the root of the situation through Akashic Records and Matrix Energetics for healing and support for my next steps. She is professional, warm and I would recommend her to anyone looking for alternative therapy for navigating this chaotic world of ours. thank you Leslie.”

JH, Amherst, MA

Here is a testimonial from William the cat’s satisfied owner.

“The wise and wonderful Leslie performed a reading for our loveable grumpy cat, William, and changed his life! She told us William felt rejected and excluded from our family because we let the dog sleep with us but not the cat, whom we had kept him out of our bedroom because he sheds like crazy. She said the dog was dominating the cat and being aggressive with him because the dog felt superior because she was allowed in our bed (as she doesn't shed). So... we started letting William come to bed with us every night and he is so, so much happier, and the dog treats him with greater respect, too. Also, he somehow doesn't shed a bit in our bed!”

LS, in MA 

William the cat
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