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How to Contact Me

Potential new clients may use the Contact form on the Contact page to arrange a free 15-20 minute call before scheduling their first appointment. This allows us to get acquainted, answer any questions, and to see if this approach is a good

fit for you.

Next Step

When you sense we are a good fit and you would like to come for a session, the next step is to call and arrange an initial intake appointment with me. Once you are an existing client, you can schedule your next appointment directly with me at the end of your session or by phone or email.             

Session Length

The length of sessions vary. Integrative body focused therapy are generally 60 minutes.  An Akashic Record Reading with energy medicine is 90 minutes, and  a Heart Centerdd Hypnotherapy session can run 90 to 120 minutes.

Insurance and Sliding Scale Rates

Please note, I do not accept insurance however I am happy to negotiate a rate that is comfortable for you. Sliding scale rates are $60-$80 for hour long sessions, $100 to $115 for 90 minute Akashic Record Readings with Energy Medicine, and $115 to $130 for 90 to 120 minute Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy sessions. 



Once you've scheduled an appointment, please complete a Client Intake Form and a Client Informed Consent Form


If you are scheduling a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy session please complete the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy New Client Information Sheet.


If You are scheduling an Akashic Record Reading, the Sample Questions for Akashic Record Readings can serve as a helpful guide. Upon completion, these forms can either be emailed to me, or you can bring them with you to your appointment.


To access forms, see Forms at the bottom of the page on the left.


Rates & Packages


Integrative Body Mind Session/ Transformational Life Coaching   $80 per 60 minute session

Akashic Record Readings

$80 for a 60 minute session 


Akashic Record Readings with Energy Medicine $115 for 90 minute session

Introduction to Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy - $80 per 60 minute session

Full Heart Centered Hypnotherapy - $130 per 90-120 minute session

Akashic Soul Readings for Pets $60 for 60 minute session

Oracle Card Readings $30 for 30 minutes


Oracle Card Readings with Energy Medicine $60 for 60 minutes

Clients are welcome to combine packages in any way that best serves their needs and goals, and to allow for an ongoing therapeutic process.


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Discount Packages

Three prepaid 60 minute sessions - $210

Three prepaid 90 to 120 minute Heart- Centered Hypnotherapy sessions - $360