Wellness for the 21st Century!

It seems fairly obvious that we are entering a new era. And being part of the change we wish to see in the world, begins with each of us.


This same transformational energy is also available to each of us, and puts growth through healing in our own hands.

All it takes is a willingness to look at one's self honestly and listen to that quiet voice in side all of us.

That voice is our soul, our subconscious are truest selves yearning to be heard and waiting to be revealed.

Once we remove the layers that often bury our authentic selves, we can live a happier, healthier, and more empowered life. The life we were meant to live.

Put simply, we are energy beings with a body, mind and spirit and when we are in balance, we can do anything.

It is only the imbalances that stand in our way and finding balance is often simpler than we think. It starts with a small but profound shift in how we see ourselves, our relationships, our situation and our past.

The definition of a healer is someone who can heal themselves. My job is to support and guide your inner healer by communicating with your body, subconscious, soul and spirit.

The connection between body and mind has been proven to be true more now than in any other time in history, and it will define how we approach our mental and physical health in the 21st century. 

We are living during a time of great transformation in the country and the planet. The same energy is available to us as we enter a new era of enlightenment and a higher connection to ourselves and each other. We can either bend this energy towards the negative, or the positive. It is up to each of us.

Meet Leslie

Leslie is an eclectic therapist, spiritual counselor and energy worker and tailors treatment to each client's individual needs.

Sessions are a collaborative conversation based on deep empathy, curiosity, and acceptance of what is, and what can be changed. She brings a deep level of personal understanding to this process to help clients resolve emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances and create the life they want.




Soul Readings using

the Akashic Records

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy 

Body-Focused Psychotherapy

Energy Medicine with Matrix Energetics

Want to know more?

Listen to this interview with Denise Vozella from WHMP radio's "Year of the Woman 2018 Series" to learn more about Leslie (and her colleague Deb) and their unique approaches to healing body, mind and spirit.