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Holistic Psychotherapy

Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling with Energy Medicine


You're More Than Your Story!

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Holistic Psychotherapy

Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling

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Hello and welcome to Ladybug Body-Mind Healing!

Do you ever feel like you're not enough, or like something is wrong with you? Do you hold back your best self, afraid to be fully you? Are you a chronic worrier? Perfectionist? Overthinker? Is it difficult to forgive and accept yourself? Then I'm here for you.

What if we could update these old negative beliefs instilled in us by others as children, and finally live life as our truest,  most powerful selves? 

By listening deeply and being fully present I can help you connect with and care for the wounded child inside all of us. Through this connection to our deepest selves we are able to validate, love, forgive and accept those wounded parts. This creates a powerful shift as we reclaim our joy, spontaneity and personal power and finally heal - body, mind and spirit.

Group of Green Leaves

Once we remove the layers that often bury our authentic selves, we can live a happier, healthier, and more empowered life. The life we were meant to live.

Put simply, we are energy beings with a body, mind and spirit and when we are in balance, we can do anything.

It is only the imbalances that stand in our way and finding balance is often simpler than we think. It starts with a small but profound shift in how we see ourselves, our relationships, our situation and our past.

Group of Green Leaves

I especially like working with women, particularly young women so that they can fully share their gifts and blossom into all they can be as they move forward in their lives unencumbered. By transmuting  self defeating thoughts and the negative energy that accompanies them, peace can replace the constant churn of worrying, and confidence can unseat self-doubt simply by revealing and updating old beliefs that no longer serve us.

We are living during a time of great transformation in the country and the planet. The same energy is available to us as we enter a new era of enlightenment and a higher connection to ourselves and each other. So if you've been wanting to make a change in your life or yourself, now is the perfect time.

If you're ready to undo negative patterns, release what's holding you back and finally let your inner light shine, let's talk. Together we can get you to where you want to be so you can live a fuller, more authentic, and peaceful life.


We can't change what's going on outside of you, but we can create a more positive mindset, and a kinder, gentler internal environment. I'm ready to work and look forward to hearing from you!

Meet Leslie

Leslie is an eclectic somatic therapist, spiritual counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, certified life coach, and energy worker with over 20 years in the wellness field, and tailors treatment to each client's individual needs.

Sessions are a collaborative conversation based on deep empathy, curiosity, and acceptance of what is, and what can be changed. She brings a deep level of personal understanding to this process to help clients resolve emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances and create the life they want.



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DISCLAIMER: I wear two hats – One, as a licensed Psychotherapist in MA, and the other as Spiritual & Intuitive Counselor and Energy Therapist. Licensing restricts me to only working as a psychotherapist with clients in my state, while my “spiritual and intuitive counseling” hat allows me to work with anyone, anywhere, including MA residents.


Meet Leslie
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