Treat The Source Not The Symptoms And Come Home To YOU!

Now offering online remote sessions as well as mini sessions, and discounts on spiritual readings and energy healing for the duration of this crisis. See 'Appointments" page and contact Leslie for details.

I want what you want, a life with less struggle and more ease. 

The complex dynamics that exist between the body and mind can lead to unexpected physical and emotional turmoil. I help people who are sick and tired of feeling

sick and tired, and who haven't been able to find solutions or answers anywhere. Regardless of the severity of your physical or emotional suffering, I can help you resolve it and improve overall well-being.

When we change our beliefs, we change ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs shape our emotional and physical health, and our outlook on life. Together we get to the bottom of blockages and self-limiting thoughts and create a pathway to healing so you can finally have hope again.                

Integrative healing helps you connect the dots between what's happening in your body, your brain, the subconscious and your soul's journey. This gives us a full picture of what's causing your symptoms and how to relieve them. 

Depending on where in the body we hold stress and tension the result will be imbalances, lack of oxygen, and disconnection to the area. This sets the stage for stress related, hard to treat mindbody disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks, depression and fatigue, headaches, chronic pain and illnesses, digestive, skin and sleeping issues. To heal we need to treat the source of these disorders before the physical symptoms began. This takes curiosity and a multidimensional, compassionate approach that is deep, broad, and thorough.

Undesirable behaviors such as over eating, smoking and other forms of self medicating may also develop in response to unresolved or repressed emotional stress. Together, we learn to recognize and understand the way unconscious patterns manifest in our bodies and lives.

The definition of a healer is someone who can heal themselves. My job is to support and guide your inner healer by communicating with all of you, not just your conscious mind.

The definition of a healer is someone who can heal themselves. My job is to support and guide your inner healer by communicating with your body, subconscious, soul and spirit.

It is the resistance to suffering that causes the suffering. When we are able to accept and feel what we feel, we can make peace with our suffering and from that peace, healing can begin. We start by allowing ourselves to feel the feelings beneath our stories so they no longer need to be repressed, or expressed through the body, allowing symptoms to resolve.

Holistic integrative body-mind healing is about gaining access to everything that makes you human in order to create change and release old, deep rooted pain and patterns  on the physical, subconscious, emotional and energetic levels. When you recover from chronic emotional and physical pain and illness, you not only get your life back but it can be better than ever. Learning about yourself is part of the recovery and healing process. The result is a restored sense of empowerment, peace, personal growth, and a greater capacity to experience life. 


Meet Leslie

Leslie is an eclectic therapist and tailors treatment to each client's individual needs and works with a wide range of issues on an emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic level. She is equally adept at understanding people and hearing their stories, as she is at conducting readings, offering light touch, energy medicine or hypnotherapy and helping clients connect to their bodies and themsleves. 

Leslie believes therapy is a collaborative conversation based on deep empathy, curiosity, and acceptance of what is and what can be changed. She believes that through support, education and empowerment, change and healing are inevitable.

Leslie's been where you are right now, looking for answers within herself and for ways to heal emotionally and physically. She has lived with chronic pain for the past seven years and knows first hand the effect it has on one's life. Leslie brings this deep level of personal understanding to the recovery process to help clients resolve their emotional and physical issues and return to the life they want.





  • Energy Medicine using Matrix Energetics

  • Akashic Record and Oracle Card Readings

  • Heart - Centered Hypnotherapy

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Trim-Life Weight Release Program (Begins February 22, 2020)

  • Vision Board Workshops

Want to know more?

Listen to this interview with Denise Vozella from WHMP radio's "Year of the Woman 2018 Series" to learn more about Leslie (and her colleague Deb) and their unique approaches to healing body, mind and spirit.